A letter to the Democrat-Reporter:

I find it horrendous and disrespectful of the Democratic Reporter to speak on educators who have given back to the community of Demopolis, and have done so with kindness and compassion in their hearts. I am writing to refute claims made by the Democratic Reporter, stating that I left on August 10, 2018 and that I left without notice.

The conversations with my administrators at Demopolis High School have been constant about my career goals. It has always been my dream to teach full-time on the college level. As a doctoral student, I know that positions like these are difficult to acquire. I took a leap of faith and landed my dream job at the age of twenty-seven, and I would argue that THIS is the type of news that the Democratic Reporter should celebrate. I sympathize with my former school system and colleagues, as I wish I could still see them and my students each day. However, we should celebrate products of Demopolis City Schools and those educators who do more than what is expected. Reports like these, especially ones on educators, are the reasons why college students and recent graduates are reluctant to go into education. Your report does no favors for our students, our families, or our community. As I would tell my students, think before you write.
As I close, I encourage the Democratic Reporter to proceed with facts and discover credible information before scandalizing anyone’s reputation or hard work, especially in a time where fake news is preferred over plain truths.

L’Oreal Moore



Somewhat of a writer.

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